My life’s purpose is to have a positive impact on every person I meet. Having been a CEO for over 12 years, and with 22 years of Executive experience in companies ranging from small businesses to public companies, I enjoy helping CEOs and key executives in their own journeys to become better leaders, make better decisions, and deliver better results. 

Coaching has always been a passion. Whether it’s coaching basketball or coaching employees, creating success and getting the very best out of people is exciting and rewarding work. As a Vistage Chair, I enable my CEO members to step away from their day-to-day duties to connect with other leaders to gain outside perspectives, meet with subject matter experts on almost every topic imaginable, as well as spending time rolling up our sleeves to work through the most significant issues and opportunities. That’s why on average, our CEO member companies grow over 2.2 times faster than similar companies who are not Vistage members. 

I’m thankful for having had several rewarding business experiences. I spent 11 years at Phacil, Inc. (including 8 years as CEO) growing the company from a very small business to over $140M in revenue. We converted the company to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2016, and successfully sold the business to a Private Equity firm in 2019. Prior to that I served in multiple technology firms, most notably 19 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories and AT&T as a Vice President/Director/Department Head. 

As a successful Executive Chairman, CEO, CEO Advisor, Executive Leadership Coach, and now Vistage Chair, I enjoy helping other CEOs and key executives imagine and achieve the dreams they have for themselves, their families, and their communities.