Episode #5: Interview with Adam Nalls

Today’s episode is featuring our interview with Adam Nalls as we dive into the best practices when working with your banker and the ins and outs of the lending process as a whole. Check it out!

Episode #4: Interview with Nathan Olson

Who knew that family law and business valuation could intersect? Specifically, when the clients are spouses who own a business together. We discuss how a business valuation can come into play when it comes to divorce proceedings and what the timeline looks like for a family law attorney when handling these cases.

Episode #3: Interview with Scott Taylor

Our guest this week is Scott Taylor of SmolvenPlevy! We’re discussing how the market played out for his firm in 2018 and what the M&A market is looking like for 2019. Be sure to tune in and subscribe!

Episode #2: Interview with Katy Herr

We sat down with Katy Herr of Audacia Strategies to discuss how she came to be in the communications world and what her best practices are when it comes to helping companies that are going through transitions with investor relations and strategic communications. Be sure to subscribe!

Episode #1: Interview with Chris Snider

I had a chance to chat with Chris Snider of the Exit Planning Institute out in Cleveland to kick off Quantive’s new podcast series: “The Deal – Unscripted”. We discussed exit planning as a whole, where the market is in regards to exit planning and what that means for CEPAs across the country. Check it: […]