Getting Clarity: A Guide to GovCon Acronyms

The US government is considered one of the world’s largest buyers of services and products. It procures everything from paper clips to state-of-the-art heavy machinery. Federal agencies also purchase research and technical assistance services. Large and small businesses are eligible to sell their products and services to procuring federal agencies and be listed as prime […]

Maximize the Value of Your Company

Value Creation is a strategy that business owners use to maximize the value of their company. Often, business owners create value to sell their company at a high price. A sound transition plan helps business owners realize their exit goals and the tentative time-in-hand for getting their company ready for a sale. They can utilize […]

Mind the Gap: Using Valuation for Gap Analysis

Our clients use business valuations for many reasons. Litigation? Check. Underwriting? Yep. Shareholder Agreements? Absolutely. Although, one of the ways we love to see our clients engage our services (and quite frankly, we don’t see this reason enough) is for gap analysis. What Is Gap Analysis It sounds fancy, right? As a concept, gap analysis […]

Using a Valuation for a Shareholder Buyout

Shareholder buyouts frequently occur in closely held businesses and often are costly for parties that feel that the payout is unfair – whether too high or too low. Triggering events for buyouts happen all the time, yet as a business owner, they are often not events you spend time thinking about every day. They include: […]

Quantive Advises Trueform Concrete on Sale

[Updated April 2021] Is the M&A Window Closing ?

Note: We originally published this article in late 2019.  At the time, our thinking had been, “this has been one heck of a ride… but sooner or later, the wheels are going to come off this hot deal market and the economy!”  Well… it turns out we were partially correct.  Of course, we didn’t see […]

Reminder: State of M&A Webinar Tomorrow

Last Call! Register Here…. I’ll just go ahead and skip all the trite pleasantries about how we are in the “new normal” and get right to it: are you curious what is going on with M&A deals? I mean… it’s been quite a year, right? It’s been nearly one year exactly since I wrote “Is […]

Upcoming “State of M&A” Webinar

BLUF: We have an upcoming webinar on the current State of M&A. Please shoot us a note if you have topics in mind you’d like us to cover… I’ll just go ahead and skip all the trite pleasantries about how we are in the “new normal” and get right to it: are you curious what […]

COVID-19 and Outsourcing Accounting

We are receiving a lot of requests from companies that are looking for outsourcing some or all of their internal accounting during the COVID-19 crisis. First, we are feeling the pain too, and definitely get where you are coming from. Second, from a work process and technology perspective we are well positioned to support. We’ve […]

Webinar: COVID, M&A and Valuations

Based on the the number of people asking questions regarding what COVID means for M&A, their valuations, and buying or selling a company, we thought a webinar was probably in order. We’ve got two dates coming up: – 3/19 @ 11:30AM EST – Register Here – 3/24 @ 11:30AM EST – Register here […]