Thinking about Testing the Market in 2022?

2022 might just be the perfect opportunity to sell your business. The economy is rebounding, inflation has hiked up business values, and life is tentatively returning to normal. If you’re thinking of selling this year, you should know that to take advantage of beneficial market timing, your company needs to be attractive to the right […]

Fiscal Fitness Checklist: Get Ready for ’22 Now

Running your business requires you to manage dozens of tasks each day, and delivering a quality product or service to your customers is the priority. Some owners become overwhelmed by daily business operations and neglect their financials, which may cause significant problems down the road. Use this list to evaluate your financial fitness and keep […]

Due Diligence: What is It?

Sometimes when thinking about business concepts, it’s helpful to think about consumer concepts.  Due diligence – a term you’ll start to hear a lot when buying or selling a company- is a great example.

Key to a Successful Sale: Understand Value, Get the Right Team

Let’s talk for a moment about your highly successful Widget Business. Why is it successful? You have the exemplary product/service You have the pricing right for the market You have the right team in place to sell it What does this have to do with selling your business? Simple – successfully selling a business is […]

Exit Planning: Learning from Entrepreneurs Who Have Been There

The result of a successful exit often attributes back to proper timing. Ideally, it would help if you started exit planning 3-5 years out from your ideal exit date. Where is this time frame coming from? Consider the economic cycle.  Being proactive in your exit planning allows you to be in control of your destiny […]

Are you Stuck in Neutral?

As people have settled into (my new, least-favorite phrase) the “New Normal,” one of the trends that I’m seeing is companies and management setting things on cruise control. The reasons vary, ranging from “I’m just happy we survived” to focusing on new roles as home-schooling teachers. There’s also a sense that growth and new initiatives […]

What 2019 Means for Exit Planning: Is now the time to sell?

Heading into 2019 we are at a bit of a crossroads. With 36 consecutive quarters of economic growth in the rear view mirror, most experts believe we are in the last throes of a bull market[1].  The M&A market has reflected the health of the economy- it’s been a seller’s market with valuation multiples largely […]

Thoughts on Exiting the Business (aka Work the Plan)

Here’s a quick one: A common objection we see from owners exploring an exit is “well if my company is only worth X annual earnings, I could just keep running it.”  And you know what? Yes, you could.  In fact, you could keep running it until X approaches infinity.

Business Sale-ing into Retirement

Retirement planning is a long uphill battle.  As financial planning professionals will tell you, the sooner you start putting in place a comprehensive plan, the better off you’ll be.  Oftentimes, small business owners invest everything into their companies and bank on utilizing the proceeds from the future sale of the business to fund their retirement.  […]

When Do Earn-outs Really Work?

Here’s a universal truth about earn-outs: buyers love them and sellers hate them.   From a buyers point of view, what could be better?  We are deferring a portion of the purchase price and transferring risk back onto the seller.  From the seller’s point of view…. what a load of horse-hockey!