Trending with technology

One of the things we like to talk about is trends. Trending in revenue. Trending in an industry. Trending in technology. So reading this piece in Forbes fits right in our bailiwick. Jeffrey Greene – who’s a pretty smart guy – suggests that technology is the largest threat to the white-collar sector. Interesting, right? And he’s […]

On Uber, 1099 Contractors, and Valuation

Ok, I admit it. Uber is our darling here.  We tend to go on and on both about valuation issues and what a unique business model it is.  Here we have a company that is looking to raise capital at a $50bn valuation, and it’s core business model is to basically use other people’s idle […]

Showdown: Seahawks vs. Patriots… Thoughts on Investment Value

The NFL is one of America’s most visible brands- and far and away the biggest sporting draw.  The league earns an estimated $10 billion or more per year in revenue.  In 2013, an estimated 1.7 billion viewers watched NFL games on the 4 major networks carrying the NFL.  But despite the fanfare – and despite […]